quick report: why did i quit norseman

epic failure motivational poster

it is not pleasant to quit but i did it.

whole year i had some super small health problems i did not fix and, thanks to murphy’s law, they acted on the race.

also a bunch of other stuff went wrong.

i will avoid going into details – it was a bad day and i do not enjoy racing and suffering.

i like to do the race properly, not finish at any cost.

however this race, even if i quit, is a big success for me.

races are expensive and time consuming but have very important purpose:

1) they are excuses to be active

2) i meet new people

3) i see new places

i do not feel (anymore) that races are something to brag about.

i did my results and i think they are cool, i used to be proud of it, now i do not care.

i enjoy the process now.

training in south africa, greece, switzerland, being with family and friend and having their support is awesome.

experiencing norway with martina and djordje (support) was great.

finishing the race would have been better but only 0,1% better.

good thing also is i know i am fit, i just did not get a chance to perform on this day and i guess that happens.

i will see if i close the season or find another race in 2010.

either way i am happy.

there you go, a lot of positives over a small negative.

i win.

expect some funny photos from the race – hint: my face tells it all.

a lot of “me me me” in this post – thanks for reading!