reality check


reality check



to enjoy life we must make the right decisions.

decisions are based on on our perception of the information we get.

if our perception is not correct, then we make the wrong decisions.

if we make the wrong decisions, we do not get to enjoy.


mountain biking example

last week i managed a dirt road which seemed hard to me.

my confidence went up.

on friday i had a private technique lesson and i realized i can not handle even the simplest downhill.

my confidence dropped drastically.

on saturday i pushed myself up and down some harder trails.

my confidence went up.

on sunday i did my first mountain bike race of which half i walked.

my confidence dropped.


– i had reality checks every time i was doing something others were doing as well.

– a lesson by a technique coach was a great reality check.

– a race is an awesome reality check of how i measure against everybody else (last).

– reality checks depress me instantly, but motivate me the next day.

– without reality checks i would end up believing i am good.


weight loss example

so far i lost more than 5kg.

i am able to fit in most of my recently bought clothes.

i can see my sick pack almost.

my confidence went up and i almost felt satisfied with work done.

then i tried the clothes from 2 years ago.

i still could not fit in what were once loose pants.

i realized i have not even lost 1/3 of the weight i need to loose.

i also saw a photo of myself in cycling clothes and compared it to my old photos.

major reality check.

when i look at myself in the mirror now i see a skinny guy.

reality is i am far from skinny and photo helped me see that.


– if i did not try the older clothes i would have been satisfied with current state.

– motivation for weight loss comes from a strong feeling that the body i have is not the body i want.

– it is very easy for me to cheat myself in thinking that the body i have is the body i want.


general conclusion

– there is nothing tougher than reality.

– there is nothing more motivating then having a reality check.

– reality checks should involve either other people or something else which we can not influence.

– asking your mom is not a good reality check. doing a race or trying old pants is a good reality check.

– spreadsheets are good for documenting history or work done and previous states of things.