running drill demonstration fail

running fall fail

i am a big wannabe.

when i was a kid i almost jumped from top of the stairs trying to fly like superman.

i get carried away very easily.

recently i have been pretending i am my coach, ole, and that i can give people tips on running drills.

it is not only that i wish to be like ole, but i also see people doing stuff i know is wrong.

when i see something wrong i have to try and explain how it can be done better.

people see stuff on tv and try to copy yet it looks like nothing.

so this morning, after a 5km hard run, i wanted to show a running to drill to one of the guys i ran with.

every time i meet these guys i keep telling them stuff like i know everything and they are babies.

they put up with it. :)

so they wanted to see me do the drills.

i started, lost ballance and fall on my face like a complete idiot.

i got up and continued showing, while they asked me: “are you ok?”

between running with my pants on backwards the other day,

and falling on my face doing a simple drill today,

i think i will conclude this coaching thing is not so easy.

next time i do drills i will wear a helmet.