running report 13 february 2011

paul tergat

last week:

monday: rest, feeling trashed from last sunday

tuesday: 8 x 450m @ 3:20/km with 2mn recovery, raced a bit with friends, feeling good

wednesday: 30min easy, a bit tired

thursday: 8km @ 4:01, solid medium pace, finished last km with 3:45

friday: 30min easy, a bit tired

saturday: 10 x 1000m @ 3:50/km with 90sec recovery, feeling fresh and surprisingly easy

sunday: 50min easy, super trashed, quit the group and walked to the car

weight: lost 2kg in last 10 days.

i am at 64.8kg which is about 1,5-2kg from my goal weight for 50km ultra on 12th march.

last sunday i wanted to try running 30km and see what that does for me.

i discovered such runs are too much for me, i just get too tired, just as ole, my coach, said.

but i wanted to see feel it and now i know it.

the whole week i was on and off.

it is a fourth week of harder running and it is time for rest, again as ole said.

i made a mistake missing proper eating on saturday, i literally forgot to eat and was empty for sunday.

i do not think i was that tired not to be able to run, but i was just empty.

running sub 5:00/km felt like a choir and thats just silly.

when its like that i quit.

i never want to train or race anymore when i am struggling – whats the point?

for the same reason i have quit on norseman last year.

sure i could have finished, but why?

i do not care to finish, i care to do things properly and with a good feeling.

i stop eating when i do not wish to eat anymore, i stop running when i do not wish to run anymore.

simple as that.

i can not do things more than i want to do them.

above is a photo i took of paul tergat taking bananas to his athletes after a belgarde 5km invitational.

i wish paul was there to support me on saturday, i would have had a proper run on sunday then.

next few days are rest and then some hard training, rest again.

half marathon on 6th march, and 50km ultra on 12th march.

then i will decide if i wish to keep going with this running business or get back to triathlon.

i do miss the watts and the water, but i am scared of breaking my skull.

each year one of triathletes in belgrade gets brain damage and it is not pretty.

there is only 20-30 of us… so who is next?

if i just run i might avoid that.

p.s. igor is same height but 9,9kg heavier than me (after two hours in sauna) !