slow run ideas

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had an easy slow run today so i had some relaxing time to think – here are the results:

i was thinking about how things that people do should be judged. it started from my frustration with certain people who seem not to want to create good pretty stuff but just want to be as high in the power structure as possible. there are people like this everywhere and sometimes they can give results, so i was just wondering how can one truly fully evaluate the contribution of one individual.

first thing which is interesting is that most or maybe all of my ideas start with some weird frustrations. i get frustrated a lot and usually by things no one really cares about. it happens to me several times a day and i am eager to debate and discuss my frustrations for hours and hours. i noticed this is not so normal (normal meaning small per cent of people do it) but i always trusted there must be a purpose to it. i mean – i am made the way i am so there must be some good for it.

i was suspecting the relationship between frustrations and creativity and i am sure there is one – a lot of ideas come from these small frustrations, frustrations give a lot of energy to the thinking process and stimulate me to focus on subjects which in general seem totally unpractical and useless.

there is a saying: angry people change the world. i guess my creative process could be like this – although i am not angry but frustrated. i mean i would not even use word frustrated, but more like nervous about something, like i have to poke it and talk about it and investigate it.

anyway, i was thinking how actions of individuals can be evaluated and i thought it is important to take motivation behind the project as a parameter. i mean if someone makes something great but he does it not for the sake of making it great but to get ahead in some stupid rate race that certainly makes the whole thing loose points – in my mind at least.

also the worst possible thing, if it is done with a pure heart, if it is backed by beautifully pure motivation, can be great and can get a lot of points.

and also process should not be neglected. why and how something is done are as or more important than results.

of course if you are making a machine or a building results are important – it must work and not harm but help people – but still why and how are equally important.

in general i am very much against judging only based on results. i enjoy sports and i work with athletes and i was spending a lot of time around them lately but i enjoy the company of those who also have a good why and how and not only the end result. end result is not important to me unless it is combined with an cool why and a great how.

i hope this makes a lot of things clearer?