some blogs i check sometimes

i am really not into checking blogs. i write a lot on my own blogs and i have to check both my client blogs and the blogs i sponsor. and i also check blogs that i need to check, like business or technology related blogs. and than i check ironman and triathlon blogs sometimes. so at the end of all that i check few friend’s blogs. here are the ones i check:

nic roope

a blog by nic is not the best of the best blogs but he does publish few interesting things from time to time. obviously this blog has no real purpose but is just an impulsive way for him to document a nice link and share it. sometimes i think how nice it would be if he would take it more seriously but i think that would end up boring. he already works a lot so it is good he does something like this – although his work does sometimes get into this blog – he is a business owner so he can not escape it. nice blog.

angelo plessas

angelo plessas and i have a hate/love relationship. actually lately we do not have much of a relationship. i think he likes me only until we actually get in contact. when we are in contact of any sort than he hates me. i however am always constantly equally impressed or unimpressed by him. that has nothing to do with him, it is only that i am more interested in myself than him and therefore he is a constant stable element of my perception. his blog is part of this mess.


i have never met richard spencer but i have met his parents. they hosted me during my ironman uk race and i had a great time in their home. they are so very proud of their son and they collect every one of his articles telegraph publishes. they also follow his blog very closely and know all the commentators and everything that is happening. they are so very proud of their son so this inspired me to follow richard spencer’s blog although i have no interest in china or telegraph.

if you are not mentioned here and you are my friend and you have a blog and you know i read it – do not take it personally. for this particular post i made a weird selection, that’s all. and this is not an apology but an explanation.