cloverfield movie


just watched cloverfield. it was not a total waste of time but…

…it is a shit movie for sure.

actually – how can you tell what is a shit movie. i paid and watched it and i did not suffer. i can not really say it is shit if i paid and watched it till the end. but still – it is not something civilization could not do without.

first twenty minutes were unbearable. if you have a chance make sure you are late for the movie.

all women are supermodels. i am getting more and more frustrated by the fact that most movies feature perfectly proportionate and skinny women. in the last five or six movies i have seen ALL women were models, only overweight woman was some crazy bitch trying to kill the hero (female model again) and she was soon after eaten by crazy mutated dogs.

obviously the casting for cloverfield was only done through one modelling agency.

the hand held camera video effect is okay – we have seen it in blair witch project and there it was much more effective, and in god knows how many other films – and it did make my girlfriend so sick she had to leave.

i would like to see more of the monster.

anyway – to summarize – movie is watchable if you miss the first 20 mins or so and you do not mind that everyone looks like calvin klein advert. if you do not like models again its good to see the movie as they do get killed in nasty ways (heads exploding, crushed by falling walls, attacked by giant insects…).

i give this movie a pure ten on a scale of zero to million (million being best movie ever).