stupid business statements


if i am good at this i am also good at everything else.

life is to short to be good at more than few things

and you already need to be good in walking, eating, chit chatting…

there is very little space left for actual commercial skills.

just hire experts and let them do the work, it will save you few years of life.

thats what the job sites are for.

build it and they will come.

the stupidest statement ever.

just by starting a business it does not mean sales will happen by themselves.

probably few billion people believed this and spent half a life living miserably.

there is no way around it, you have to work for it.

i do not need to invest in marketing, i sell on personal recommendations.

this is called word of mouth and it is a form of marketing.

what you are actually saying is that you are too lazy to take marketing seriously.

even to make an excel sheet of your contacts or use some cheap mailing list and blog.

good luck!

in few years you will be bankrupt unless you own a patent to cure for cancer.

we are doing just fine.

no business is doing fine.

in a world of billions of people no one is ever doing fine.

everybody is just a step away from being totally overtaken by competition.

if someone says they are doing fine they are out of touch with reality.

there is not one single business in the world that can afford to relax.

i dare you to prove me wrong.

i hate the every day struggle. i just want to relax and go to an early retirement.

welcome to the human condition.

every day is a struggle.

there is no way around it.

you can bitch about it or you can learn to enjoy it.

that is how things are, deal with it.

we grow old, we experience physical and emotional pain,

if we do not spend 1/3 of every day sleeping we become stupid and useless,

we are grumpy and tired, like monkeys who want to protect a piece of broken bottle like its a treasure.

it is great!

i do not do this for money.

then close your business and move to a buddhist temple.

i hate money.

hating an object is bizarre.

money is a great form to exchange value simply.

if you have a better solution please let us know.

we all need it to exchange it for other stuff.

its easier than trading chickens for electricity or real-estate.

what you actually hate is working for it and that is something for your psychologist to address.