the birds by alfred hitchcock

tipi hedren in alfred hitchcock’s birds

alfred hitchcock is one crazy guy. his movie the birds ( is both genius and crap.

birds is crap because its made in the 1963 and most of the stuff made back than is by default crap. they were not relaxed yet, and they still aren’t, to make truly fully awesome films. except for stanley kubrick who was trully 1000% genius (his only flaw was spartacus – crap which i like – and he admitted it himself).

birds is genius for so many reasons. shots, dialogue, casting… it is just so awesome i can not even start to explain how much i enjoyed it. exactly because it is made in 60s it is so great.

today it is not possible to make movies like that. environment is too commercial and i still have to hear o anyone as crazy as alfred hitchcock. i mean, he is amazing. i feel like i know the guy just from watching one film. there is so much of him in every scene, every second of the film.

thank you alfred hitchcock.

tippi hedren is super sexy and rod taylor has his pants way too high for my taste.