women bodybuilders, maria shriver and thin movie by lauren greenfield

woman bodybuilder

first i found muscleaneous (awesome category!) post category on orangenex personal blog of a chinese guy who photographs women bodybuilders (could not find his name anywhere on that blog). i quite like his posts. it is cool and funny to see him, white and flabby, hanging out with these super tanned and muscle women. i must admit that i do like women with muscles, i recently accidentally met a friend of a friend and she is a black bodybuilder and a web designer and i was totally amazed how good she looked.

that is how i got to this website, for some reason as soon as i sat down on my computer, with a nescaffe latte and a rye rose jam cheese sandwitch, i started google image search for “woman bodybuilder naked”. do not ask me why. i do not know. i just ended up doing that search for some reason. some strange moment of inspiration. after all, men do think sex on average few times a minute (i think).

anyway the chinese photographer‘s blog is a nice introduction to a day.

katherine schwarzeneger

on orangenex i saw a photo of arnold schwarzeneger and i ended up browsing maria shriver, arnod schwarzeneger’s wife, and i checked out some articles about their kids, mainly super tall christina schwarzeneger. i was mainly checking viiphoto.com. somewhere on that site there is a photo shoot of maria shriver and the family. ok photos.

anorexic breasts lauren greenfield thin

and finally, before writing this post, i ended up on laurengreenfield.com. lauren geenfield‘s photography and film work seem super pretentious to me and i can never really enjoy in this kind of work. i am sure it makes him a lot of money but his, and this kind of work in general, just seems like cheap sales to me. i can not see much artistic value since it is obvious these photographers narrow their function in society to figuring out ways to climb the hierarchy risk free. it is more of a technique of democratic pleasing and someone has to do it, but i can not enjoy it. lauren greenfield did a very pretentious and super predictable film about anorexia (sounds super boring!) called thin (hbo.com).

so… i started this wonderful morning with a super cool orangenex, went into just a bit boring viiphoto.com and i finally reached the center of pretention at laurengreenfield.com.

i think this post gives an ok idea about my taste: what i find cool and what boring. also i seem to be interested in women bodies this morning – i just realized that while uploading photos for this post – this is interesting. women bodybuilders, marie shriver and katherine schwarzeneger, and anorexic women by lauren greenfield. i do not know if this is sexual? is all interest by a man in women or vice versa sexual?

it is pretentious to end a post with questions…