the most powerful idea in branding

batman superman

branding is about managing ideas people have about you, your product, your team.

it is always your choice what ideas people have about you.

it is never an accident what people think.

people are very smart, and react to who you are and what you do, how good your product is.

this is something you can influence and control.

but in which direction?

of millions of ideas you can choose to relate yourself to, one is most powerful.

this idea is that you help others.

every single of 7 billion people will respect genuine help.

to succeed at this you must truly believe helping makes a difference and you must really help others.

faking it or not doing it 100% never works out.

as i said, people are smart.

make it your mission to help others, and the better you are at helping, the more powerful your brand is.

i am giving this advice not as a happy-go-lucky hippie, this is a business advice.

successful businesses help their customers, employees, partners, communities, everybody.

successful product design is based on helping others by solving their real problems.

advice: base your brand and products on helping others.

consider the alternative to not basing your brand on helping others?

i am unable to see the alternative :)