the warriors movie

the warriors baseball furies

i have just seen the warriors movie ( again, after a long long time.

the warriors is such a good movie.

recently i wrote about wassup rockers by larry clark and after again watching the warriors wassup rockers seems like a so and so copy. larry clark seems like he exhausted ideas when he made wassup rockers and kind of made a mashup of a bunch of his and other stuff. it is like a hip hop movie which actually is not necessarily bad or not creative. now that i think about it it is a cool film, but the warriors is like super cool.

i am so impressed. i do not know what is it in me that i want to be like this, like roam the streets and kind of lost and poor and dirty and fight for every single thing. it is so cool to be like this.

i think a lot of people love to fight. i do not mean fist fight, but just struggle etc. it is fun. what else should one do? watch tv? fuck that.

that is why the warriors is so cool.

after that i watched a documentary on new kids on the block – cool as well. although i do not really like the music.

watch the warriors regularly!