which scott mtb do i prefer?


i tried riding scott scale, spark, genius, and gambler.

scale is too hard.

genius is too slow uphill, and more for cruising and jumping.

gambler makes sense only if i have a ski lift.

spark is a perfect bike for what i do:

– short rides in a local park;

– small jumps and easy downhills;

– short and steep uphills;

– local 2 hour marathons or xc races;

– weekend 2h easy rides.

i was considering genius, but it does not support the reality of my daily routine.

enduro seems romantic, kind of like surfing, so getting closer to that lifestyle by buying a product is appealing.

but most of my rides are approx. 1 h without big challenges for which genius is designed.

and genius will make me lazy on the fitness side.

i will stick to spark maybe also as a reminder of my fitness addiction from few years ago.

and it still allows me be a bit of an explorer.