what kind of new stuff excites me?

19 biases

i love products.

when i buy them i get happy and feel better.

some of them even do something – like toilet paper and food.

but i really do not get much excited about them.

the new stuff that excites me is when global society eradicates a bias.

i mean, there is really nothing more important than getting rid of a bias.

the reason one i would not want to live 20, 50, 100, or 1,000 years ago is how everything was dominated by biases.

in simpler terms, the further we go back in history, the more crazy global society is.

and today maybe it is only 95% crazy and 5% rational.

so when i think about travel to mars, new computers and cars, ai, and such stuff, i think it is ok, but we are not really moving forward.

if united nations, or any other organization which takes responsibility to make a global society better, would make a list of all biases and get rid of them, one by one in next few thousand years, i think we would be going in a good direction.

we would be getting better, as a society of humans.

the products, and such stuff, are a distraction, nice one, but a distraction.

to start, read a list of biases and progress the society by getting rid of your own biases.

see list here.