who is number one is 5 years old

who is number one

aleksandar, thomas veje, me, and many others started who is number one

as a way to prevent cancer in denmark.

who is number one is based on a simple idea that each of us needs to ask ourselves:

who is number one?

and answer to that question should be: me, i am number one to myself.

if we do not take care of our health, if we do not exercise, eat properly, live healthy, no other goal will matter.

who is number one is a reminder to everybody that what matters is taking care of your own health.

and we can do this by doing simple things: eating a bit less, exercising a bit more, and doing the health basics.

who is number one culminates each year with an annual 5k fun run through the copenhagen center.

yesterday was the fifth edition of the fun run with more than 1,600 participants.

see the photos.

i am very proud of this project.

i hope more and more people ask themselves: who is number one?