war with lybia - the big picture


while i was in italy the war against lybia was announced. on monday in montebello i read in italian newspapers that serbia will participate with few soldiers. bummer!

so little taxes that i pay in serbia will contribute to bombing some poor villagers in africa for reasons i have no idea about. now i am financing the same bad things that were done to us in 90s.

ive been there, done that. fuckit. i know how it goes. it is so predictable. there is so much content out there about details so everybody misses the big picture.

when 9/11 happened i emailed all my friends with a simple message. my message is the same almost decade ago:

people who want war won, people who do not want war lost.

those are the only two sides fighting. everything else is a distraction.

decades pass and it seems there is little progress. these people are just unable to figure out a better way to spend their time than to play war. war is the ultimate attention cry. a mass fake suicide attempt by a bunch of insecure babies who never figured out anything smart to do with their lives.

war sucks.

yes, it is necessary – someone will say. so what. lots of things appear necessary, this still does not make them smart. and who says it is necessary? humans exist for a very short time and only a very small part of out history is infected by war.

whatever arguments you give me i will always be against war because it is always the biggest crime.

a state must never have the power to tell its subjects to kill or die for its own agenda. that is the definition of war. any kind of emotional, religious, socioeconomic bullshit attached to it to justify it is not relevant. in war a government papwrpusher tells someone to kill and risk their own life without much explanation.

give me one single war in last 200 years which can be explained, which was not some kind of bullshit like two kings who had a fight or one king who did not do nothing for 50 years and waited for the other one to fuck up completely and then had to clean up a mess.

war is a product of centralization which is never good and never will be good, especially with an increasing population.

war always requires ignorance to work. it needs naive people who fall for emotional propaganda and actually risk their lives for stories less convincing than weight loss advertising.

as i said: people who need war won again.

fucking boring…

remember – in spite of all the movies, books, stories, photos – there is no glory in way. it is an activity for stupid people. if they were smart they would find a way to realize themselves without war.