definition of laziness

polar bear

everybody is lazy.

it is not possible not to be lazy.

some people i tell i believe they are lazy and they do get so very upset.

i honestly did not realize it can be such an insult.

what does it mean if someone is lazy?

i think it means when someone does not try to do their best.

we can not do our best all the time of course.

just not possible.

but then we have to accept that lazy applies to us.

when i tell someone they are lazy they usually tell me how hard they work.

but lazy is not about how much time is spent working.

it is about asking the questions and taking things seriously.

it is easy to work 20 hours a day for years and still be lazy.

lazy to change.

lazy to listen.

lazy to adapt.

hard work, pushing hours, causing yourself pain, it is very easy.

there is a general belief that when you are in pain and stressed that you are not being lazy.

i would rather say that this is usually related to laziness to adapt and change.

if workload is so big that it cases such pain and stress an opportunity for adaptation has been missed.

result is gradual increase in stress and eventual breakdown.


source of this is usually laziness to change.

source of laziness is insecurity and fear.

i know it by myself.

i do not wish to enter conflicts, i do not wish to bother with change, i do not risk failure…

laziness is one way to avoid those.

excuse to be lazy is to continue working hard.

but deep down you know you are not working for objective results.

you are working to avoid those results, to create a silly excuse.

laziness as a concept is related to strong social pressure.

if you are in a tribe and you are lazy you might get kicked out which means death.

so no one wants to be flagged as lazy.

i like the wikipedia definition of sloth: spiritual or emotional apathy.

it has nothing to do with how many hours you spent doing stupid choirs.

more work does not mean more value.

laziness is about communication, choices, emotions.

it is not about hours.

endurance sports is the best example of that.

if you do 10% than you should you will just break down.

and main element of success in success in endurance sports is rest.

rest means doing least possible.

lance armstrong must inactive otherwise he can not be good.

he has to know exactly when he has to be good and that is 0,00001% of his time.

the rest of the time he has to rest.

its a biological fact.

success is not about doing many hours but making the smart choices.

is it easy to fix laziness?

yeah of course.

anything can be changed.

change can be done in about few days probably.

very easy…