my 38th birthday summary

being 37 was very good for me:

– irena and my son marko was born healthy and cute.

– our kids sofija and djordje did not suffer any major damage or crisis.

– most of the family is operating healthy and ok.

– business was good, best year so far thanks to all the partners.

– my poetry book was published, edited by rafael.

– i organized meet in a nice restaurant in nyc, with rafael.

– irena and i started mountain biking together.

– my weight is under control and i started training for 3,000 m run.

– lots of travel.


next year following things away me:

– need to make sure all the kids and family survive.

– new startup from 1 jan 2016. business software and services, which is very exciting.

– we need to find a new place to live in belgrade, so we will try to be creative.

– more fun stuff.