crazy and subcrazy ex military coaches

will ferrell kicking and screaming

i had an easy run this morning with a ex austrian squach national team player.

he said that he used to run 100km per week + squash workouts + gym.

my first reaction was: wtf!

i did not train that much for ironman.

this was a plan by an austrian national coach (employed by military or something).

really bad.

he was injured and had to leave the sport.

not a surprise really.

problem with such cray coaches is that they give an excuse to another breed of subcrazy coaches.

subcrazy coaches are the ones who say: hey, that crazy coach gave 100km, so i will give only 80km.

while reality is you need 40km a week.

thank you ole and aleksandar for teaching me how the human body really works.

why are these super bad coaches always related to military somehow? so annoying.

military is sometimes like a magnet for uninspired sadists.

and why injuries always so easily classified as necessary part of sport?

they are necessary part of idiotic training, thats why they are called injuries.

injury implies something out of the ordinary and unhealthy happens.

as soon as a coach starts acting like injury is normal

you really need to make sure she/he takes a year off

and walks that attitude off in the mountain solitude or on a deserted island.