weight loss report 24 nov 2013

man of blue steel


raw data

i started weight loss on 4 july 2013.

weight on 4 july 2013 was 78.1 kg.

today my weight was 65.4 kg.

total weight loss is 12.7 kg.

i lost 16.3 % of my starting weight.

weight loss rate was 89 g / day.

i spent total of 165 h 35 min training.

i spent a total of 4.83 % of time to loose 16.3 % of weight.


blood pressure

recently i have been diagnosed with hypertension.

after few days of micardis 40 gr my blood pressure finally dropped below 130/90.

i have lowered intensity in my training, and focused more on technique.

i will soon do another test with the cardiologist to see if i can get back into intensity.

i thought that i lost ability to push, but today i did a 1 km in almost 40 kmh, so i am not worried about this.

i think i even improved by doing low intensity workouts.


the look

now i have “the look”.

six pack etc.

need to get the pecs bigger though :)

need to bech press 80-90 kg to get the pecks back in game.

glutes are there, thanks to mtb.

i still have the same stupid face.

gym can not improve that.


going downhill

i am a super afraid of heights, downhills, and jumping.

but thanks to my technique coach, jovana crnogorac, i managed to learn it.

now i can not get enough.

my rides are more easy on flat and up, and pumping a bit on down.

now, i am addicted to the rush.

i still did not crash, although lots of falls with my face in the mud.