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there will be blood
mein kampf in exclusive books, seapoint, cape town
motivational email to a triathlete
jonathan rosenbaum review of jim jarmush’ dead man
women bodybuilders, maria shriver and thin movie by lauren greenfield
the birds by alfred hitchcock
machine emotions: will feel?
crocs shoes = world’s ugliest footwear + genius marketing success
emailing with angelo plessas about machines
burt reynolds is liam neeson’s father
attack of the 50 foot woman by rafael rozendaal
netvibes ginger
nikola tosic in saatchi gallery (via miltos manetas)
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skype chat with blakey ross
29th february neen show at interstitial festival
bogus nonsense is everywhere
my art posters are on sale
negative thoughts
counterknowlegde by damian thompson
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thoughts on client relationship and motivation
jeff skoll
kosovo independence and mass media
haessen chung is a friend of mine
eastern promises by david cronenberg
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restaurant moyo in stellenbosch
bas jan ader
what is poetry all about?
fuck fuck fuck poem from yesterday
fuck fuck fuck
serbian elections: democrats win
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day i met richard e. grant
alien vs predator requiem
30th birthday
marry christmas
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triathlon art for endorphinum
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the way poetry was 100 years ago
george orwell: why i write
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first three days in cape town
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i can not keep secrets
my best poem so far
few businesses by my friends
how to look good on tv
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immigration and visas
david lynch on product placement
a friend of money got a new kidney
a friend of mine is homosexual
romance everyday by wyne veen
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server crash, digital property and human history
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the call of ktulu
what is the point of talking
wyne veen on a dutch beach
how to live longer
george martorano is denied his freedom
my parents marriage anniversary and miltos manetas
books i am skimming currently: mein kampf, bushido, the google story The Gandhi Diet
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nate hitchcock comments: actions without a cause
mohammad ali and andy warhol in my living room
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actions without a cause
thank you mr. death
angelo asks: do you find freshness in neen lately?
death of neen
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Early morning story about a dream
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